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Nevada Teen Drivers Ed Referral Program

Earn money on your reputation!
Tell your friends about eDriveStar, Nevada teen drivers ed, and earn $3.00 for every friend that signs up for the course. 

How do I get credit for the referral?
To gain credit for the referral tell your friends to enter your e-mail address in the "Referred to us by:" field when they sign up for the course. 

Who qualifies for a referral?
Any current eDriveStar Drivers Ed student or any eDriveStar Drivers Ed graduate can earn money for a referral.

Do I have to request the money or will it be sent to me automatically?
At the end of each month we will automatically send you a check for every friend that enters your e-mail address when they sign up for the course.  Even if you do not know they entered your e-mail address you will still get the referral check. 

Where is the referral check sent?
We will send your referral check to the address that you gave us when you signed up for the course.  If you move, no problem, just e-mail us with your new address and we will take care of the rest. 

My account!
Enter the e-mail address and password associated with your eDriveStar drivers ed account to log in and check if you have any referrals. (If you forgot your password then enter your e-mail address and select the forgot password box to have it e-mailed to you.)

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