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We have New Graphics!

To help further your learning experience, eDriveStar has new, updated pictures that include animated demonstrations. These graphics are fun, interactive and are desigend to teach you concepts quickly and easily!

To activate the animated demonstration in a image with multiple frames, as is the picture below, mouse over each of the image frames:

Some images only have one frame. In this situation, if there is text above the image indicating that there are two options, mouse over the text to see a demonstration of each:

In the situation above, the option that is being demonstrated has larger, bolder text to act as an indicator.

Typically, text will accompany an animation letting you know what actions you may perform to activate it:

move mouse over the picture to activate

At eDriveStar.com we are always striving to improve your Online Nevada Drivers Education experience! Look for our new animations throughout the course and use the information provided to become a safe and law-abiding driver!