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Thank you for choosing eDriveStar! Our school is licensed by the Nevada DMV to provide online drivers education.

Our interesting Nevada drivers education course will provide you comprehensive knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes you need to drive safely.

Now let's start with the overview of the Nevada Drivers Education course. This course contains 10 chapters.

  • Chapter 1-Getting your Driver License
  • Chapter 2-Beyond the license
  • Chapter 3-Signs and Curbs
  • Chapter 4-Speed Laws
  • Chapter 5-Use of Lanes
  • Chapter 6-Right-of-way
  • Chapter 7-Parking
  • Chapter 8-Defivise Driving
  • Chapter 9-Driving Safety
  • Chapter 10-Get Ready to Go!

1. Each chapter contains several sections.

2. There is a timer at the bottom of each section which displays the MINIMUM amount of time necessary to read each section. You can spend as much time as you want on each section.

3. When you are ready to proceed to the  next section, you MUST press the "Next" button. Do not use the navigation bar to proceed to the next section.

edrivestar Nevada drivers education Online course page

If you want to review any previous section you studied, press the "LAST" button to go back or you can use the navigation bar on the left side to go to any page you have already completed.

At the end of each chapter, there is a quiz for you to assess your understanding of the information presented in that chapter. If you answer 80% or more of the questions correctly, you can proceed to the next chapter. Otherwise, you will need to spend more time on that chapter.

For your review and practice, you can have unlimited access to all quizzes which you have passed. Our online drivers ed program only records the score for the first time you pass the quiz.

You can take a break from our Nevada drivers education online course at any time you want. To make sure that a break is counted, please press log off at the top right hand corner of the page to stop the lecture. When you want to continue the course, you can log in again and you'll start at the section where you logged off.

When you complete the whole course and pass the final exam, we will email you a Certificate of Completion. You must present the Certificate of Completion to the DMV when you apply for your driver license.

Do you want to see what eDriveStar quizzes are like?  Take a Nevada DMV sample quiz.

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