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Things other students have said about eDriveStar teen driver education Nevada

Carlan, Henderson - It was great (4/9/2012)

Julia, Henderson - Great! (4/8/2012)

Sean, Las Vegas - Thanks! (4/8/2012)

Marthony, Reno - My friend recommend this site to me and I'm very greatfull that he did. (4/7/2012)

Natalie, Spring Creek - Very easy and fast. (4/5/2012)

Matthew, Fernley - Fast and easy. Great for people who don't do good with time constraints. (4/4/2012)

Ashlyn, Las Vegas - This drivers education course has really helped me understand the rules of the road better and i appreciate the low price of the course. (4/3/2012)

Ricardo, LAS VEGAS - This website was reliable, easy, fun, and fast. (4/2/2012)

Sidney, Fallon - Thank you! (4/2/2012)

fabian, las vegas - this was very usefull (4/1/2012)

Michaela, Reno - I really enjoyed that i could work on it anytime and work at my own pace. I loved it i would highly recommend this to a friend and it was a reasonable price. (3/31/2012)

Cara, Carson City - Not hard to understand, quick but lots of helpful information that I didn't know prior to this course. (3/27/2012)

Jarrick, Las Vegas - The course was very similar to my drivers handbook, but more in depth. (3/27/2012)

Skyler, Wellington - I like how it was divided into chapters, and each chapter related to the same subject.(3/26/2012)

Andrew, Henderson - The site has a easy to use format and an efficient quiz system (3/19/2012)

Michelle, Las Vegas - I love this site! I will definitely recommend(: (3/19/2012)

Rafat, Henderson - It was quick and easy!!! (3/19/2012)

Cory, North Las Vegas - Loved this course! Thank you! (3/11/2012)

Amanda, Winnemucca - I Absolutely Loved the course! It is much more simple than the one through the Collage! (3/6/2012)

Stanley, Reno - Thanks, helped a lot. Now off to get my liscense! (3/4/2012)

jasmine, zephyr cove - Thank You! (2/27/2012)

Jordyn, Las Vegas - Thanks! You've helped me understand driving more than any other expensive driving school could! (2/26/2012)

Quincy, Las Vegas - eDriveStar.com was quick and easy and cheap, its worth it (2/26/2012)

Levi, winnemucca - i liked this website and i would recomend it to anyone that has to take an online drivers ed course. it took a while to wait for the timer to run out but it made me go back through and read it again. thank you (2/19/2012)

kyle, henderson - It was a great experience (2/11/2012)

Jesseca, Gardnerville - This was a course that was easy to complete. (2/5/2012)

Tyler, Reno - Geat website, a lot cheaper compared to the $90 to do drivers ed through the school district. (2/5/2012)

Gabrielle, Las Vegas - I loved it ! Great Experience! Now I am ready to get on the road! (1/30/2012)

Alec, las vegas - This website is great and very informative on what you need to understand and do, to get your license ... this is a great site!!!! (1/28/2012)

Taylor, Sparks - Thank you! :) (1/26/2012)

Mary Eunice, Las Vegas - Learning at my own pace is great! (1/25/2012)

Amanda, Reno - It was a really good course, I enjoyed it and learned alot. (1/24/2012)

Daniel, Minden - good (1/23/2012)

Efrain, Henderson - It was a very good course and it was very affordable compared to other online courses. (1/23/2012)

Elizabeth, Las Vegas - I have recommended this site to a few friends. (1/23/2012)

Jesus, Reno - This was such a great on-line Drivers Education course! Easy, coherent, forthright, and convenient. I am most definitely going to recommend this to my friends! (1/22/2012)

Lianza, Dayton - This was a very affordable and efficient way to learn all that I needed to pass the DMV license test. I'm very thankful that a friend recommended this site to me. (1/21/2012)

Justin, Las Vegas - great site (1/20/2012)

Sadee, Reno - Fast and gets you ready for what you will be facing. (1/17/2012)

Michelle, LAS VEGAS - AWSOME!! (1/15/2012)

shadon, las vegas - this was short and easy for me (1/15/2012)

Justin, Sun Valley - Thank you for helping me. This is going to help in a long run. Ill be sure to pass the site on.! (1/11/2012)

Nicole, Gardnerville - Quick, easy and very helpful! (1/8/2012)

Alma, Las Vegas - I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and having the knowledge of the rules makes a feel more comfortable and confident in driving. Thank you for creating this course, it was a great learning experience. (1/5/2012)

Alejandro, Las Vegas - "Loved this product! Fast and worked Great!!!" (1/4/2012)

madeline, las vegas - Fast and Easy! (12/29/2011)

Arthur, Henderson - I got this done in the amount of time I wanted to. It was a great course. (12/28/2011)

Dianna, Las Vegas - I love the whole set up of this website. It's easy to use and it's not dull like a textbook. I truly enjoyed my experience. (12/28/2011)

Lindy, Henderson - I loved the course! It was easy to use and easy to understand the information. (12/28/2011)

Angelo, Reno - I LOVE THIS!!! easy to learn ^_^ THANK you SO MUCH ^_^ (12/22/2011)

Tracy, Las Vegas - thanks for having this program available! :) (12/22/2011)

Joaquin, Sparks - I really like this online course and it quick ,cheap, and easy. And i really like that i had all the time i needed to do each chapter (12/20/2011)

Robert, Reno - Thank You. (12/20/2011)

Sydnie, Las Vegas - It's a great website and provides an easy way to learn about driving, especially the laws in Nevada. (12/19/2011)

Kaitlyn, Las Vegas - It was fast, easy and simple to understand. Liked the pictures that moved to show me what was being said because I am a very visual person. (12/9/2011)

Britny, Las Vegas - This site is awesome! (12/2/2011)

Martin, Las Vegas - Thanks. (11/27/2011)

Jaskirat, Carson City - Thank You. (11/25/2011)

Michael, Las Vegas - This was a great course and really helped me understand the rules of the road. (11/25/2011)

Walter, Carson City - quick, easy, cheap and understandable, thank you (11/22/2011)

Alec, Las Vegas - really good way of learning, waaay better than an entire class in school (11/21/2011)

chelsi, Las Vegas - thanks a lot. (11/16/2011)

Hannah, Spring Creek - Thank- You very much! (11/14/2011)

Jessica, North Las Vegas - It was a great and understandable course. I learned alot and prepared to get my licence! (10/22/2011)

Hunter, Las Vegas - this course was fast and easy. I loved it (10/17/2011)

Devin, Las Vegas - Cheap and a great online course. (10/15/2011)

Brent, Reno - Awesome price, good pictures. Great Site (10/14/2011)

Michael, Reno - Good, helpful easy course I would recommend (10/11/2011)

Nicholas, Henderson - good program (10/10/2011)

Kevin, Las Vegas - I already have recommended eDriveStar to a freind i really did like and thank you for this. It is the best way to do drivers ed. (10/1/2011)

Quinn, Winnemucca - I liked it. (9/28/2011)

Cynthia, Dayton - a very understandable fun course. It helped me a lot. (9/26/2011)

kiara, North Las Vegas - i really liked this course; understandable (9/18/2011)

Samantha, Las Vegas - I really liked the use of pictures. I'm a visual learning and it helped me to understand better. Thank you. (9/18/2011)

Jocelyn, Sun Valley - Great Fast and Easy! (9/16/2011)

Angelina, Las Vegas - It was such a great help and I felt like i got it done fast and easy ! (9/15/2011)

Rachael, Fernley - I liked how you had to spend a certain amount of time on each section. It really helped me take in the information. (9/14/2011)

Selina, Las Vegas - This was a very fast & easy way to take drivers ed. (9/12/2011)

Gabrielle, Las Vegas - I prefer this website over the other ones. (9/6/2011)

Amber, Reno - The content was excellent and very understandable. (9/5/2011)

Adelina, Las Vegas - This was an easy and pleasant course to complete. It helped me a lot to refresh my memory about some of the rules. Now I know for sure what to do to be a safety driver. (9/1/2011)

Emily, Henderson - Easy and quick to use. Great price compared to other online courses! (8/2/2011)

Meiko, Las Vegas - This is one of the best web sites. Thank you edrivestar! (8/2/2011)

Allysa, Las Vegas - This is a great program to help fill you in on the basics of driving. It really helped. (8/17/2011)

Giselle, Las Vegas - Simple yet still a challenge. (8/15/2011)

wyatt, Las Vegas - your service was great:) (8/14/2011)

Maddison, Carson City - It was a very well put together course that is very useful! (8/8/2011)

cedric, Las Vegas - Thank you eDriveStar this website and information was very helpful. Now im able to take my drivers test!!!!:) (8/4/2011)

Thomas, Sun Valley - very good drivers education online site (8/2/2011)

Dakota, Silver Springs - it was simple, to the point, and very understandable (8/2/2011)

Teyla, Henderson - I loved this course! (8/2/2011)

Lorena, Las Vegas - Very understandable. (7/22/2011)

Maria Therese, Las Vegas - I've learned alot from this and it will really help me alot on driving. (7/22/2011)

jada, Las Vegas - i loved this website. the videos and pictures made me more interactive and interested. also every lesson was short and simple, but also very informative! (7/22/2011)

Rachel, Winnemucca - very nice and convenient. :) (7/21/2011)

Adam, Las Vegas - Great :) (7/20/2011)

Anvi, Elko - Awesome and easy to use Driver's Ed! (7/14/2011)

Richelle, Las Vegas - I like the moving pictures. It helped me a lot :) (7/13/2011)

paola, Elko - I have recommended it to my cousin, I really liked this drivers ED course. (7/7/2011)

Deanna, Las Vegas - THANK YOU!!!! (6/28/2011)

Noah, Reno - Now i can drive!!! (6/26/2011)

Sarah, Washoe Valley - It was very helpful!! Very fast!! <3 (6/14/2011)

Jesus, Fallon - I really enjoyed taking this DriversEd course. it was really helpful and i learned a lot. I think after taking this course i will be able to pass my permit test and my driving test. Thank you Edrivestar! (3/31/2011)

cecilia, Gardnerville - great course (5/25/2011)

Evan, Gardnerville - Great, easy course. (5/22/2011)

Ruby, Las Vegas - Thank you "edrivestar!" (5/18/2011)

Micah, Henderson - thank you so much! (5/11/2011)

Rachel, Henderson - this course was extremely helpful and easy to understand. i liked having a time limit so that i knew how long to spend on each section (5/9/2011)

Charolette, Fallon - It was easy to understand and helped prepare for my driving test. (3/31/2011)

Samuel, Las Vegas - Great Site (5/8/2011)

Alyssa, Las Vegas - one of the best drivers ed courses so far! SUPER EASY & SUPER FUN! (4/30/2011)

Javier, North Las Vegas - This was a good website with very useful resources for begining drivers. (4/29/2011)

Manuel, Las Vegas - thanks :D (4/29/2011)

Caitland, Reno - I really loved this course. Thank you for allowing me to take drivers ed online for an affordable rate. (4/25/2011)

Emily, Henderson - Much better then the drivers ed offered at my school!! (4/24/2011)

Victor, Reno - It was very easy to understand i loved it (4/23/2011)

Lathan, Spring Creek - learned alot (4/23/2011)

Bailey, Henderson - Thanks it was great it was understandable and i could take my own time. Thanks edrivestar (4/21/2011)

Beau, Henderson - eDriveStar Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3 (4/20/2011)

Ariana, Sparks - I liked how we could go back in some sections with in each chapter, if we needed help for the chapter quiz!! Best website, yet for taking drivers ed! (4/17/2011)

Phillip, Fallon - The website was very helpful and and understandable (4/15/2011)

Elena, Henderson - This was a very well put together program. (4/3/2011)

Drake, North Las Vegas - its affordable and easy (3/31/2011)

Alissandro, Las Vegas - Thank you! (3/30/2011)

Bailey, Las Vegas - My boyfriend recommended this site to me and I enjoyed it! (3/21/2011)

Alyssa, Reno - The course was great. I learned a lot ... Thank you! (3/20/2011)

Ivsn, Las Vegas - Thank you! (3/17/2011)

Lucas, North Las Vegas - Very good website. I felt like I had just taken the class. (3/11/2011)

Branden, Elko - really easy to understand. (3/8/2011)

Camille, Henderson - Keep up the great work! (3/3/2011)

Deion, Las Vegas - I would love to recommend this to my friend or family member (3/2/2011)

dometrik, Las Vegas - thank you edriverstar (3/1/2011)

Sasha, Reno - I liked being able to go back and review materials at any time. I definitely feel more prepared to get my license. (2/23/2011)

Bradley, Pahrump - It was easy and i could work at my own pace. I did not have to wait 90 minutes to read 3 paragraphs like another course. Thank You and have a nice life. (2/20/2011)

Brian, Las Vegas - Very easy to read, Images and mini animations videos also helped out alot. (2/5/2011)

Alexa, Henderson - Immensely simple and straight-forward. Graphics helped a lot as well. Absolutely recommend! (2/3/2011)

Harley, North Las Vegas - thank you! (1/26/2011)

Luis, Reno - Simple, informational, got job done (1/24/2011)

Tyler, Las Vegas - The course was easily understandable, and taught me some things. (1/22/2011)

Chelsea, North Las Vegas - It's really nice to learn at your own pace. I love it! (1/19/2011)

Christopher, Las Vegas - I took this course right before I took my license testing. This course was educational, fast, and cheap! Serves its purpose to its full potential. Definitely recommending this to a friend! (1/16/2011)

Colton, Pahrump - I loved using this drivers ed website. (1/15/2011)

Christine, Reno - the visuals made it easier to understand what they were saying when i didnt understand the text (1/12/2011)

Leenah, Las Vegas - very great program! i would recommend it to anyone (1/11/2011))

Taylor, Las Vegas - This website was great and easy to use for me. (1/10/2011)

Jacob, Fallon - Edrivestar was an easy and fast course compared to the local schools. (1/7/2011)

Heriberto, Elko - AWESOME (1/4/2011)

Brian, Las Vegas - great (1/4/2011)

Daniel, Fallon - I loved this course it was very understandable. (12/30/2010)

Matthew, Las Vegas - The course helped me learn a lot about the rules of the road and clarified any questions I may have had. (12/30/2010)

kevin, Reno - edrivestar is a great program that has helped me to prepare for my test. i am confident i will pass! (12/28/2010)

Jackie, Reno - This was great and really quick--I finished the whole program in two days! I would definitely recommend this to a friend; it's cheap and easy to understand! :) (12/19/2010)

Shayna, Fallon - This is the most awesome website ever..it help me understand better about the "Rules of the road" (12/19/2010)

Cassandra, Fernley - A good price and I enjoyed the interactive diagrams that showed the right way to do something and the way not to do it. It was also nice that I could do it at my own pace. (12/19/2010)

Victor Allan, Las Vegas - This course is perfect. I liked the animations and videos. It was really easy to understand. (12/14/2010)

Lashay, Las Vegas - I really loved the pictures and animations on this course. It helps give a clear understanding on what needs the be done and how to do it the right way. (12/8/2010)

ryan, Lamoille - I LIKE THIS ALOT MORE THAN THE #@&! BOOK (12/1/2010)

Sabrina, Las Vegas - Very helpful. I used it when I was wanted to and it helped me understand a lot more. (12/1/2010)

chad, Las Vegas - nice (11/30/2010)

Alexis, Sparks - Great site! Easy to learn alot of info. This is the website to choose! (11/22/2010)

Rio Felice, Las Vegas - Easy to understand and very convenient! I feel ready for my test. (11/20/2010)

Dylan, Henderson - Yay I get my license now! Woo Hoo! (11/8/2010)

Andee, Sparks - I loved the little videos that showed what the words were saying. Overall it was a great experience! (11/8/2010)

Ramon, Las Vegas - i like it (11/7/2010)

Makayla, Minden - i liked everything about this experience! (11/4/2010)

Jackson, Genoa - this was a very great and helpful website. thank you (10/25/2010)

Alexandra, Henderson - Great website! Easy and simple. (10/20/2010)

Alexander, Las Vegas - This course is very informative and helpful. (10/18/2010)

Kendal, Spring Creek - Fantastic! (10/14/2010)

Sam, Las Vegas - This website made the drivers ed easy to learn. (10/12/2010)

Jia, Las Vegas - Very nice! (10/12/2010)

Anna, Las Vegas - The course is very easy to understand and well organized. (10/11/2010)

Chynelle, Sparks - It was very understandable and I will recomend it to a friend if they asked. (10/4/2010)

Rain, Las Vegas - edrivestar.net was very useful and i thank the staff for making such a site (10/3/2010)

Zachary, Fallon - This was kinda fun! (9/30/2010)

Joshua, Las Vegas - eDrivestar is an excellent online Drivers ed course (9/18/2010)

Kaden, Henderson - I love how easy and convenient the site was !(9/15/2010)

Krista, Henderson - Thank you for helping me meet my driving goals! (9/14/2010)

AUGUST, Carson City - I LOVED IT. (9/9/2010)

Charles, Las Vegas - Great service!!! (9/7/2010)

Lauren, Henderson - AWESOME(9/7/2010)

Michael, Las Vegas - it was fun and easy to understand highly recommended. (9/4/2010)


Chelsea, Henderson - Yeah!!! (05/03/2010)

Timothy, Carson City - very helpful and easily understandable (04/27/2010)

Alysa, Overton - I LOVE the convenience of Edrivestar.com. I could log on at any time and work on drivers ed. AMAZING!!!(04/21/2010)

Nickolas, Carson City - it was a good learning program (03/11/2010)

Matthew, Reno - i appreciated the easy access to the site so i can do my work at the pace that i was able to comfortably willing to do with all my homework and school projects. Thank You (03/08/2010)

Cristian, North Las Vegas - This is a good website for people getting there drivers permit or license i would recommend it to any body. thank u ed star for having this school online. (08/17/2009)

Joseph, Las Vegas - The course is informative and easy to understand. There are diagrams that really help when some of it gets difficult to understand in just words. (06/30/2009)

Geselle, Henderson - THIS IS AWESOME! (06/25/2009)

Geneva, Smith - I liked eDriveStar and I liked how there are chapters to follow and sections. It made it very easy and understandable to use! Thank You!(05/19/2009)

Angellica, Reno - It was really nice being able to get on the drivers ed course whenever I wanted to. It was easy and what I needed.(04/12/2009)

Jonathan, Las Vegas - This was an easy way to help me get my license. (03/18/2009)

Victor, Las Vegas - I would recommend this course to all my friends if they are short on time and need their Driver Ed certificate ASAP! (03/15/2009)

Dean, Las Vegas - eDriveStar was easy and convenient. (03/12/2009)

Danielle, Las Vegas - The fact that I could get my certificate right away was fantastic. (02/24/2009)

Sariah, Fallon - It was Awesome! (1/28/2009)

Hunter, Las Vegas - all the information was amazing and it was easy to learn. (8/21/2008)

Ashley, Carson - it is an amazing driver education course and I enjoyed taking it. thank you. (8/18/2008)

Tshombe, Las Vegas - This website cost less then most websites online driver ed and does just as much and even more! (7/25/2008)

Carl, Las Vegas - I got my permit before I took the course. I took this for my license. also, I liked how each page had a timer on it ensuring that we just don't skip through all the pages. (7/16/2008)

Amanda, Pahrump - I loved the course. Easy to understand. The timers were a little annoying...Great price :) (6/15/2008)

Karen, Las Vegas - I would suggest this site to anyone. (5/21/2008)

Richard, Las Vegas - I learned rules that I didn't even know existed!  Thank you! (4/30/2008)

Eric, Las Vegas - greatest course...in the universe. this course rocks! (4/6/2008)

Raquel, Las Vegas - I am really happy with edrivestar it was fast, informative and easy! (3/28/2008)

Christopher, Las Vegas - It helped me so much. This course also saved me so much time. Thanks to the 24/7 availability I was able to finish quickly. Thank you so much!! (2/28/2008)

Edgar, Dayton - good job! and thank you (1/27/2008)

Jeremiah, Las Vegas - I like edrivestar and I'll tell all my family about it; it only took me 2 days to complete it so thanks a lot (1/12/2008)

Cara, Las Vegas - Very fast paced and available when I wanted! (1/6/2008)

Tyler, Las Vegas - i really liked everything on the website. The pictures that moved when you rolled the mouse over them really helped me. Thanks sooo much (12/31/2007)

Alex, Las Vegas - This driver ed course was great, it helped me a lot, it was very smooth. (12/15/2007)

Brandi Sue, North Las Vegas - It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be yet it still taught me a lot before getting my license. It's perfect. (12/10/2007)

Michelle, Las Vegas - I love edrivestar! It is the best option to choose if you are a busy person and do not have time for teen driver ed in a classroom. Edrivestar was available for me 24/7 and it was fast and easy to complete! (11/13/2007)

Chelsey, Reno - This site was great! It new what it was talking about and was reasonably priced. I referred it to two of my friends. (11/7/2007)

Andrew, Reno - Thank you sooooo much! It was a huge help that you were able to help us out and help me to get my license! I passed the test with an 88% and I couldn't have done it without you or your Nevada driver ed program! Thanks again and I will happily refer any of my friends to your program. Thanks again! (9/21/2007)

Curion, North Las Vegas - This site helped me a lot. (9/3/2007)

Katie, Sparks - I thought this was a great way to learn about driving and help prepare a person to be a safe and responsible driver. Thanks for the education, it was a great program! (7/24/2007)

Brian, Henderson - it is useful if u haven't taken the written test already (4/5/2007)

Jong, Las Vegas - i love this class (2/8/2007)

David, North Las Vegas - Thank you this was a good course. (1/22/2007)

Ayana, Las Vegas - My permit was going to expire in a month and I needed to find a cheap way to finish driver ed fast and this was the perfect solution. You should try it its really easy and you actually learn stuff. The best part is that you take quizzes all throughout the course. (1/17/2007)

Robie, Las Vegas - It was a good layout and very convenient i have recommended many of my friends to the website (1/7/2007)

Bobbie, Sparks - It was convenient and easy to use. (12/28/2006)

Dezirae, Henderson - I like how the site was set up and how the quizzes were set up. (11/18/2006)

Simon, Las Vegas - This course is super easy...but you still learn!!! (11/14/2006)

Samantha, Las Vegas - There was a lot of information that I never knew. I was glad to take the course. (7/23/2006)

Melissa, Boulder City - best drivers ed ever. very easy and understandable, also very convenient when on a really busy schedule. thanks a bunch! =] (7/23/2006)

Tiffany, Las Vegas - the site was simple and to the point, I couldn't ask for more! (6/3/2006)

Yolanda, Las Vegas - this program helped me a lot for my written test THANK YOU eDriveStar (5/20/2006)

Tamesha, Las Vegas - im satisfied and im glad that i can print it off and go and get my license..thanks (4/1/2006)

Amber, Las Vegas - I liked it because it was cheaper than other driver ed. And I need cheap! It was also easy to understand and helpful. (3/1/2006)

Cherlyn, Las Vegas - Whoo hoo!!! Thanks again for all your help and patience.  You give new meaning to customer service. I am very pleased. (2/26/2006)

Amanda, Las Vegas - very good driver ed! (9/11/2005)

Jennifer, Dayton - it is a really good program. Thanks. (8/15/2005)

Ailene, Reno - It was really helpful and if you were to take your Nevada permit test right after this course then you'd pass with no problem. (8/6/2005)

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